Cardionetics supplies consumables for the C.Net5000 and C.Net2000+ambulatory ECG monitors. Any of these items can be obtained by contacting Customer Support.

Electrode Pads

A new set of three electrode pads should be used for each test. Only use electrode pads supplied by Cardionetics, which are specifically designed for 24-hour ambulatory monitoring. Electrodes are supplied in foil packs to minimise drying out and to prolong shelf life, and abrasive skin preps are also included.

Cardionetics can supply standard packs of electrodes as follows:

  • Code S25 ; 25 pouches of 3 electrodes sufficient for 25 tests
  • Code S50 : 50 pouches of 3 electrodes sufficient for 50 tests


The C.Net5000 requires two AA batteries. You can use either alkaline non-rechargeable or rechargeable batteries, provided each battery has a capacity of at least 700 mAh. If using non-rechargeable batteries, we recommend using a fresh set for each test. Rechargeable batteries should be fully charged before starting a new test.

The C.Net2000+ requires four AA batteries per test. Only high-quality alkaline batteries supplied by Cardionetics should be used with the C.Net2000+. Cardionetics cannot guarantee that tests will run for the full 24 hours if other types of battery are used.

Use only high-quality Varta or Panasonic batteries, as supplied by Cardionetics, with the C.Net2000+. We have found that batteries from other manufacturers can be unreliable, causing problems with tests not recording for 24 hours or reports being lost. Read here for more information.

Cardionetics can supply standard packs of suitable batteries as follows:

  • Code B40: 40 batteries for 10 tests (C.Net2000+) or 20 tests (C.Net5000)
  • Code B200: 200 batteries for 50 tests (C.Net2000+) or 100 tests (C.Net5000)

Test Packs

Electrodes and batteries are also available as combined test packs, as follows:

  • Code TS40: 80 batteries and 120 electrodes for 40 tests (C.Net5000)
  • Code TS50: 200 batteries and 150 electrodes for 50 tests (C.Net2000+)

Electrode Leads

Electrode leads can suffer from heavy wear and tear while being worn by patients. To minimise the risk of damage, patients should be advised to treat the ECG monitor carefully and avoid pulling or stretching the lead.

It is recommended that the lead be regularly inspected and tested to ensure that it is working correctly. The patient lead should be stored safely in its bag when not in use.

Cardionetics can supply replacement electrode leads, usually from stock:

  • Code PL3: Electrode lead for C.Net2000+
  • Code PL5: Electrode lead for C.Net5000

Annual Servicing and Warranty

Annual servicing is required to maintain the integrity and accuracy of the C.Net2000+ and C.Net5000 ECG monitors, and includes:

  • Upgrade to the latest version of the ECG monitor and Connect software.
  • Replacement of any defective internal components.
  • Calibration, safety inspection, and system test to ensure correct performance.
  • Collection and return of the ECG monitor.