Connect PC Software

Report Viewer Software

Cardionetics Connect report viewer software allows you to download and save test reports from the C.Net5000 and C.Net2000+ ambulatory ECG monitors onto your computer. Reports can then be attached to electronic patient record systems.

Connect is available as an optional upgrade for users of C.Net2000+ printer systems. Please call Customer Services on +44 (0)1256 830500 for details.

Connect Features

  • Simple to install.
  • View test results, ECG traces, and 24-hour trend graphs in full detail.
  • Enter patient details and notes into the test report.
  • Attach reports to all leading patient record systems.
  • Print reports to any Windows-compatible printer or send reports by e-mail or fax.
  • Export reports as Rich Text Format (RTF) files or .pdf, allowing them to be viewed using standard word-processing software (e.g., Microsoft Word).
  • Compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10.
  • The licence allows the software to be installed on all computers at your surgery.