Technical Specification

Electrode Pad Placement Pad positions: RA, LA, V4, Lead: chest-modified V4
Heart Rate Mean (4 intervals) 
Minimum: 20 bpm 
Maximum: 250 bpm 
Tachycardia: over 120 bpm, minimum 30 seconds 
Bradycardia: under 50 bpm, minimum 30 seconds
Wide Complex Tachycardia Heart rate: 120 bpm to 300 bpm 
Duration: minimum 3 beats 
Morphology: wide, unifocal
ST Segment Analysis Depression: 1 mm (2 mm if upsloping) 
Measured point: J + 60 ms (J + 50 ms in tachycardia) 
Isoelectric point: PR segment 
Slope: upsloping, horizontal, or downsloping 
Duration: minimum 30 seconds
AF Detection Irregular irregular RR intervals 
Variable P wave morphology 
Duration: minimum 30 seconds
Asystole Pause: 1.7 to 3.0 seconds
Arrest: over 3.0 seconds 
Missed beats: pauses in synchronous rhythm
Ectopic Beats Ventricular: unifocal, multifocal 
Atrial: premature (less than 75% average RR interval) 
Classification: isolated, trigeminy, bigeminy, couplet, triplet, salvo (4 to 7 beats), episode (8 or more beats)
Symptom Button Up to 10 events
Display Monochrome LCD with backlight 
Resolution: 128 × 64 pixels 
Sweep speed: 12.5 mm/second 
Gain: 5 mm/mV
Report Printout ECG trace: 24 seconds, 25 mm/second 
Trend graph: 24 hours, 25 mm/hour
Physical Size: 107 mm × 80 mm × 27 mm 
Weight: 200 g 
Power: 2 × AA batteries 
Index of protection: IP20 rated by design
Electrical Channels: single bipolar 
Sample frequency: 100 Hz 
Sample resolution: 12-bit 
Frequency response: 0.1 Hz to 23 Hz 
Input impedance: greater than 20 MΩ
Environmental Operating temperature: 0°C to 50°C 
Storage temperature: 0°C to 60°C 
Relative humidity: 20% to 65% noncondensing 
Shock and vibration: AAMI EC38,