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Access our library of articles and white papers on the C.Net devices, our clinical trials and Government and NHS initiatives.
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See what our clients are saying about the C.Net5000 Ambulatory ECG Monitor.
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Heart disease is the biggest cause of adult death in the western world.

Cardiology is the branch of medicine that deals with the heart, particularly its structure and function, and the diagnosis and treatment of heart disease.

The following pages explain how the heart works, diseases and symptoms, heart rhythm abnormalities, and the use of the electrocardiogram.
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Advice for Patients
This page is intended to provide you with information if you have visited your doctor and been fitted with a Cardionetics C.Net5000 or C.Net2000+ ambulatory ECG monitor.

You will probably have been fitted with the monitor to investigate symptoms of palpitations, dizzy spells or breathlessness but many other uses including routine screening are possible.
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