Frequently Asked Questions

Cardionetics C.Net5000 and C.Net2000+

How do I attach a Cardionetics C.Net5000 or C.Net2000+ ECG test report into my electronic patient record system?

Please refer to the following pages for details on specific systems:

Note: If you use another patient record system and are able to provide instructions on how to add attachments, please contact us.

Why does the test report show a low validity (percentage analysed)?

There are several reasons why this can occur:

  • The electrode lead may be damaged.
  • The skin may not have been correctly prepared at the start of the test.
  • The gel in the electrodes may have dried out.

Please read this page for more information on the use and storage of ECG electrodes and correct skin preparation.

Why are tests terminating early (less than 24 hours)?

Always use a new set of batteries for each test. This problem can also occur if the wrong type of batteries have been used. You should only use batteries supplied by Cardionetics with the C.Net2000+.

Please read this page for more information.