Articles and White Papers

Clinical Benefits
This article describes the clinical benefits of using the C.Net5000 in general practice.
C.Net5000 and Holter Monitors Compared
This article compares the features of the Cardionetics C.Net5000 ambulatory ECG monitor with traditional Holter monitors.
This article describes how using the C.Net5000 ambulatory ECG monitor in general practice creates a significant and sustainable improvement in health service efficiency.
Government and NHS Initiatives
This article describes how ambulatory ECG monitoring in general practice is supported by Government and NHS initiatives, such as practice based commissioning, the National Service Framework for Coronary Heart Disease, and NICE guidelines.
Clinical Trials
This article describes the clinical trials that Cardionetics has conducted to validate and demonstrate the performance of the C.Net5000 and C.Net2000+ ambulatory ECG monitors.
Evaluation of the C.Net2000+ in General Practice
This article presents the results of a year-long evaluation of the C.Net2000+ ambulatory ECG monitor in general practice. The results indicate that a significant reduction in cardiology referrals can be achieved, and patients requiring urgent referral can be identified more quickly.
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